Socialisation is such an important part of your puppies development.... We have the perfect solution at Woof n Scruffs!!

Socialisation is the process used by puppies and dogs to learn to relate to other animals. It allows your pet to encounter different people, dogs, children etc in a safe and controlled environment. The more you socialise your dog the more well adapted it will become.
We All Deserve A Reward.... Our socialisation club should be both fun and informative for you and your dog. Remember they learn fastest when rewarded for good behaviour, however we do not allow treats so please give them plenty of praise and attention.
Your In Control.... Although Woofs n Scruffs is a fun filled doggy heaven not all dogs that visit us are friendly, so remember to keep your furry friend on a lead until a member of staff tells you it is safe to un-clip them.
Insurance Backed.... We are a fully insured pet care business to ensure your full protection, so don't worry you and your dog are safe in our hands.
Vaccinations.... All of the dogs attending our courses must be fully vaccinated to help prevent the spreading of diseases. Please bring your vaccination certificate along with you to the first session so we can update our.

Like What You See? Which Puppy Club Is Right For You?

There's no need to book for any of our clubs just come along on the day and pay on the door.

Tumble Pups

Tumble Pups socialisation clubs run on a Saturday in Seaham and a Saturday and Sunday in Washington.

Tumble Pups Seaham

0-6 Months 10am until 10.45am Saturday - £4
6-11 Months 11am until 11.45am Saturday- £4

Tumble Pups Washington

0-6 Months 10am until 10.45am Saturday- £4
0-6 Months 10am until 10.45am Sunday- £4

Little Fluffies

Little Fluffies runs in our Washington centre and is specifically for small or toy breeds or small nervous dogs that may be bullied by larger dogs in a standard socialisation class!!

Dogs of any age are welcome as long as they are small or toy breeds or nervous dogs.

Little Fluffies Washington

10.45am until 11.30am Saturday - £4